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2019-20 Booster Executive Board

Uniform Coordinator:  Rebecca Gorman

                                        (2nd year)   

A Florida native, in 2010 I moved to Savannah, and most recently to Richmond Hill last summer specifically so my daughter could be a member of this band program.  Due to the program’s reputation, I was very excited for my daughter to begin high school here! Every afternoon after band camp, I picked up a red-faced, filthy, and often soaking wet trumpet player with a huge smile on her face. That was the best response a parent could hope for after moving a county away and having their child leave all their friends behind.

Once I realized I could volunteer, I signed up for everything I could because then ‘I’ was the one having fun! I was in high school marching band and guard, but it was nothing like this! The encouragement and support that I have received from the board members and other volunteers has made me feel welcomed and appreciated, which in turn has made me want to volunteer more. I’ve loved getting to know the students, and I’m very grateful that I have the privilege of sharing this experience with my child.

Other than my 9th grade trumpet player, I have a 19-year-old son who is finishing up his Sophomore year of college at Armstrong. I also have a wonderfully supportive husband who likes to cook dinner.

I received my BA in Anthropology from the University of North Florida and am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Florida (which means I need to finish my dissertation!). I’ve worked as an archaeologist all over the southeast in both the academic and private sectors, and am currently teaching a variety of online anthropology courses for the University of North Florida and Georgia State University. Since I work from home, my schedule is very flexible and has afforded me the opportunity to volunteer for a variety of band events.

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