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What do I need to so to sign up for band?

STEP 1 - Fill out this FORM. You will also be asked to fill out some information in charms when you arrive for your uniform fitting (See Step 2). Feel free to do this ahead of time using this CHARMS Information

STEP 2 - Attend the uniform fitting at RHHS on May 11. Swing by anytime 5:00pm-7:30pm. If you have a conflict, please email Mr. Hendricks.

STEP 3 - Be at band camp at RHHS - July 10-14 and 17-21 from 

Please review the
BAND CALENDAR for all band dates. 

What does my student need for Band Camp?

Rehearsal Checklist
How much does marching band cost? 
Participation Fees

Most questions can be easily answered at uniform fittings! We'll see you then!
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1. You become a high academic achiever. - "You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with". GOOD NEWS!!! - Marching band is loaded with some of the highest achieving students in the entire school - plain and simple. This is partially due to the rigor that marching band creates and the time management and problem solving skills required to achieve the program's goals. Put simply - there is no better environment for an academically achieving student to be in, than marching band. 

2. Your brain grows. - Learning music helps develop the areas of the brain involved in language and reasoning, but it also teaches students how to think creatively and solve problems. Studies also show a link between music and spatial intelligence, which is vital for solving all types of things—from mathematics to how to efficiently pack up a moving van. It’s no wonder that students who are involved in marching band are more successful on standardized tests and also achieve higher grades.

3. You become a doer. - While most of your other classes just involve listening or observing, marching band teaches you to do.  You learn how to perform, how to be flexible, and how to communicate and cooperate with others across groups: Exactly what you need to succeed in any company or organization.

4. You make lifelong friends. - For a rising 8th grader about to enter high school, there is no better place to make friends than on the marching band field. Marching band essentially equates to instant friends and a huge social circle of people to support you - which is immensely important for the success of a high school student. 

5. You develop self-esteem through self-expression. - Marching band gives you a more meaningful outlet to express yourself.  Self-expression builds self-esteem at a time in one’s life when you really need it. Entering adulthood with healthy self-esteem benefits you in every way possible and sets you up for future success.

6. You learn the value of community. - Marching band kids stick together. This closeness and sense of community may be the first kids experience outside of their families. It’s a powerful feeling that sets them up for building and being a part of other communities throughout the rest of their lives.

7. You appreciate music. - Studying music isn’t just about learning how to play scales and memorize notes.  It’s also a lesson in history, culture, and art movements that you wouldn’t otherwise receive from regular curriculum, or at least not this hands-on. Marching band turns kids into well-rounded adults who have a richer worldview.

8. You learn how to be a part of something bigger than yourself. - Being a member of the marching band teaches you how to work within a group to achieve a higher goal.  You learn the value of teamwork and how your contribution matters as much as everyone else’s. This is perfect training for the workplace, or being part of a family.

9. You’re more humble. - Marching band is one of the hardest activities you could possibly be a part of. And, there are no names on the back of a marching band uniforms. This levels the playing field for teens during a very self-conscious time in their lives.

10. You learn how to work hard and persevere. - Good band directors don’t tolerate tomfoolery in the band room, nor will let you hide out and let the rest of your section cover up the fact that you don't practice. You have to behave; you have to buckle down; and you have to practice to really learn the music. Marching band teaches you to stay focused despite distractions in order to achieve your goals.

11. You have stamina. - There’s something about marching in those uniforms in the sweltering early September heat, that requires some serious stamina.  It’s all about that sustained effort in the face of adversity. It isn't easy, but hanging out after the game sure can be fun.  Marching band proves that the rewards of hard work are undeniable, but only if you’ve got what it takes.

12. You’re no stranger to sacrifice. - You commit to basically every Friday night to play at sporting events. You sacrifice after school shenanigans to go to rehearsal, practice on your own or take private lessons. You give up Saturdays for marching band competitions on the road. Band turns kids into adults who don’t balk at giving up small comforts for a larger prize.
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