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Please help us correct traffic flow and congestion

problems while picking up your Band Member after

an event.


   Arrive early and park in the East Gym Parking Lot.

   (green box marked "All Other Parking"on the map



   Parking in this area will allow for the quickest

   departure.  You may enter THIS parking lot from 

   either entrance from Harris Trail.


    In order to get all six buses and the equipment

    trucks parked and unloaded, there can be no

    parking along the road in front of the Band Room

    until the buses and trucks are parked.  


    Once the Band is off the buses, and the buses

    have departed, 'normal traffic flow' can be



   1.  Enter from Harris Trail as indicated;

   2.  Please DO NOT park anywhere along the road

        next to the Band Room;

   3.  Staff and Chaperones may park alongside the 

        practice field;

   4.  Students and all others, please park in

        the East Gym parking lot.

   5.  Exit via "Wild Cat Drive;"

   6.  Please DO NOT drive against the arrows

        drawn above;

   7.  NEVER drive on the Practice Field.

All Other


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