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It's that time of year again! We are partnering with Midnight Star Pottery to sell the 3.5 inch ball ornaments again this year. Here is what you will need to know.

You will pre-sell the certificates (collect money right then) for $15. This is a savings for them of $1.00 and it will help out the band! It's a win win!


For each certificate that you sell, you will earn $5.00. 


Each certificate will have it's own special number so they can not be printed at home. 

The customer will take their certificate(s) to Midnight Star Pottery and paint their ornament.


They will then be fired in the kiln and ready for pick up by the customer.


If the customer wants to have the ornament by Christmas this year, they must have it painted by 12-01. If they want to wait until Christmas break to go in and paint it (selling point- GREAT FAMILY ACTIVITY!), they can it just will not be fired before Christmas.

Download the PDF below for a record of the ornaments you sell.

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