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Become a Wildcat Band Sponsor

Join us this season!

We invite you to be a part of our Wildcat Band program by considering a tax-deductible sponsorship.

Click above to learn more about

our sponsorship levels & events.

Click above if you have selected a level and ready to become a sponsor.

The program, which is primarily funded by band parents, fundraisers, and your generosity, plays a significant role in our community.

Your support will directly contribute to uniform maintenance, instruments, equipment, travel costs, and show design, among other expenses, ensuring the program's continued success and impact. 

Steps to Become a Wildcat Band Sponsor

  1. Click on the sponsorship level below for a list of benefits. 
  2. Once you decide on a level, complete the sponsorship form.

Specific Needs

There are many items the band program needs to address that normally fall outside of our general budgetary capabilities.

We would love your help with these targeted sponsorships, some of which come with opportunities for you to advertise your business.
2024-25 Sponsorship Form

Thank you for your support!

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