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Friday, August 31st, 2018

Band Members should arrive at the Band Room at 4:30.   Dinner will not be provided for the band this week, so make sure you eat before arriving at the Band Room.  You may bring snacks for the bus ride, but, as always, please clean up after yourself.  You may not have an opportunity to eat again until 3rd and 4th quarter (approx. 9:00 pm or later), so be sure you plan accordingly.

Please note:  The game will be played at Jaycee Stadium Donald-Madray Field.  This 

                         stadium is NOT located at the Wayne County HS.  (see diagram below).

The Stadium is located on S. 11th Street in Jesup, GA.  The GPS app "Waze" finds it by typing in the full name of the stadium "Jaycee Stadium Donald-Madray Field."

Wayne County High School Jesup, GA.PNG
Map to Jaycee Stadium - Jesup GA.PNG
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