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Coffee and Donuts

     Welcome to our next fundraiser! We will be working with Java Joe's Gourmet Coffee and Krispy Kreme Donuts at the same time for this fundraiser. These fundraisers will start on Monday, October 15th and run through Wednesday, October 31st. 


      You can pick up the forms for the Java Joe's Gourmet Coffee in the band room starting on Monday, October 15th and you can download the Krispy Kreme forms right from this page.

Here is what you need for the Krispy Kreme sale. Just click the form below to download and print. Keep a record on the second page of who you sell to and how many they purchase. We are selling the certificates for $9.00 each and you profit $4.50 for each one that you sell to go toward the Spring trip!

     For the Java Joe's Gourmet Coffee fundraiser, you will need to pick up the forms from the band room.


     There is something new that we are trying this year. We will also be using an online format to sell! 

     Click here to sign up as a seller online. There is a tab on the upper right portion of the screen “SELLER REGISTRATION”. This is where you can enter your personal information and a photo if desired. There is also a section for you to list emails of people you wish to contact about the fundraiser. The system will automatically generate an email to these contacts every seven days reminding them about the fundraiser.

     After you have completed your online information, share the link on your social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.). This will help drive sales!

     There is also a texting option! They provided us a KEYWORD and phone number to access your online webpage directly. You can then text this link to all of your contacts to further increase your sales!

     Text richmond to 631-333-7250.

     THERE IS NO MONEY FOR THE YOU TO COLLECT! Anyone who purchases through the online web page will pay by credit card through PayPal (does not require a PayPal account). You will have to collect the payments from those that do not purchase through the website.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!!! For every 10 Java Joe's products that you sell, you will get a free set of earbuds! So if you sell 20 products, you get 2 pair of earbuds and so on! This is any combination of 10 or more of Gourmet Coffee or Specialty Beverages!

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