Can I get you a nice, refreshing Coke?

Here is all that you need to know about our Coca-Cola fundraiser.


Cost and Profit- (Click for details) The cost of the cases is what Coke is charging the band to purchase each case of drinks.  We sell the cases of drinks for the suggested retail price and the profit margin is what would be the amount going in to the student's account.

This fundraiser is running from September 15th to September 30th. Please turn in your order forms and money between October 1st and 3rd. 

No orders will be taken after October 3rd, due to placing the order with Coca-Cola on October 5th.

     Below you will find the spread sheet that you should use to keep track of all the products that you sell. There are TWO TABS at the bottom. You will need to print out both sheets or you can keep track right on the spread sheets. You will need to have this filled out some way to turn in to the fundraising coordinator  NO LATER THAN 5:30 PM on October 3rd.  

All products must be paid for before the order is placed.


          Delivery date is set for the week of October 7th and we ask that all orders be picked up by the end of the day on October 15th. If you are not able to pick up your orders by this date, please let the fundraising coordinator know and make arrangements.