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2017-18  Percussion:

   Snare 1:  Cody Walker

   Snare 2:  Hunter Sims

   Snare 3:  Turner Russell

   Snare 4:  John Wilson

   Snare 5:  Davis Rutan

   Snare 6:  Garrett Sims

   Snare 7:  Dylan Lanier


   Quints 1:  Caroline Luke

   Quints 2:  Luke Griffen

   Quints 3:  Grant Balduff


   Bass 1:  Chris London

   Bass 2:  Daniel Morgan

   Bass 3:  Zach Daguisan

   Bass 4:  Ethan Weil

   Bass 5:  Evan Howley


Front Ensemble:

   Aaron Baker

   Andy Kilmer

   Jayden Allen

   Connor Cameron

   Maddie Palmer

   Alexandria Finger

   Logan Eaker

   Connor Mitchell

   Brian Arms

   Mya Yates

   Macey Seckinger

  • More front ensemble members to be added during the summer.

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